Rock in the park

If you know the name of this band, please tell me so I can add it?

The Co-op bike

Someone had found this discarded bike and lovingly restored it.


Rie had some Japanese food on offer for the visitors to the CoCoMAD fête.

She also runs the local Japanese restaurant, Genki.


Belly dancers were part of the entertainment for the 2009 CoCoMAD fête.

J 4 D

I wonder if the tree has outlived J's love for D?


Beautifully sunny Sunday in the park and the kids were happy to show me some of the tricks they could turn on their bikes.

They looked at the shadowy images on the back of my camera and screamed "It's sick!"

It sounded positive so I guess that 'sick' is the new 'cool'.

Kids: Click on the picture to see it bigger.

Squirrel on a stick

This little fellow looked as though he knew I was there and yet still spent almost half an hour posing for me.


Alicia and Markus enjoying the basketball court in the park.

The Carol Singers

Carol singing in the park on the 14th of December 2007

The crowd

Some of the people enjoying the carols.




I like the gnarlyness of this tree and although I could have brought out some detail from the shadows I left them black as it added to it's dark twisted look.

Pushy dad

Bags of fun

Mud Slide Slim

Alone and blue

There were hundreds of people at the fête; yet this girl looked as tough the band were playing just for her.

If you know the name of the band, please let me know?

Oya Batucada

The Big Bang


How to make a toothpick

Girl at work

Boy at work

Enjoying the fête

Gimme your money!

The Big Bike Combo

The Red Hen

The Red Hen was being put together on a shopping trolly in time for the fête. Here it hasn't been given it's wings yet.


Richard is the only parkkeeper for the whole of the park.